Thursday, November 29, 2007

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics

The primary role of ERP software in today's business is to help streamline processes at an organizational level and lead to increased transparency overall and there are various ERP solutions that can offer this. But very few of them cater specifically to mid-sized and small organizations. Also, hardly any of them would have specific focus on a particular industry.

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics is a great offering as it is tailor-made for the Soft Goods Industry. Since the change needed organization-wise to successfully implement an ERP system has a great impact on the organizations' processes, and can cause great damage if improperly handled, it is imperative to rely on someone who has similar experience and singular commitment towards your industry.

Why is REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics your best solution?

• The "All-In-One Solution" for the Apparel/Fashion/ Home Furnishings/Leather industries

• Built on Microsoft Dynamics, the leading mid market ERP Solution globally

• Familiar Microsoft look and feel, making learning for new users easy

• Integration available with REACH suite of applications

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics will help you achieve the following:

Reduced cycle times

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics can be tailored to support the exact needs to reduce your cycle times. This can be done because of its powerful combination of out-of-the-box functionality and ease of customization. The solution has broad functionality that supports build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply chain models across both discrete and batch-process manufacturing modes. It is particularly well suited for manufacturers operating in a mixed-mode environment.

Integrated communication and collaboration

REACH ERP will help you effectively streamline and integrate customer service, design, sampling, merchandising, production, distribution and financial processes thus enabling optimal utilization of resources across the enterprise. You can synchronize internal communication as well as communication between upstream and downstream channel partners ensuring that the supply chain becomes more responsive, efficient and profitable.

Capitalize on global opportunities

Get ahead of your competitors by access to real-time integrated information. REACH ERP lets you have a global view of the business cutting across various functions and enables you to react fast to market change. It is designed so that new sites, languages, currencies, and local functionality can be enabled easily, helping your company take advantage of the global marketplace quickly.

Accurate estimation and waste reduction

End-to-end integration of company data ensures all parties have the latest, most accurate information. Aggregate production planning, routing and the most recent data help in precise estimation of inputs. This leads to cutting down on wastage, shortening time-to-market cycles for new collections and styles while accelerating your ROI.

Achieve world-class quality standards

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics helps breed a culture of continuous quality improvement in products, processes, information and other enterprise functions. By effecting process control, it helps identify consistent problem areas and provides for easy recording of inline defects, thus producing a quality product commensurate with customers' expectations.

Source : REACH Sewn Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd

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