Friday, November 30, 2007

XeBusiness supplies computer based ERP & MIS systems to garment, footwear, soft goods and household textile suppliers trading globally

XeBusiness supplies computer based business management (ERP / MIS) systems to garment, footwear, soft goods and household textile suppliers trading globally.

The company is a leading business to business provider of Apparel specific supply chain solutions that allow client companies to automate their in-house functional processes and to also integrate these with systems in use at their customers, suppliers and business partners to improve service levels and reduce operating cost.

Systems help clients to:


- Generate competitive advantage


- Increase sales
- Improve profits
- Achieve accurate and timely information to support decision making
- Reduce operating and capital costs
- Improve customer service - right product, right place, right time
- Trade Dynamically - provide a customised and quick response to demand

Source : XeBusiness

VAI’s S2K Software Named One of Manufacturing’s Top 50 Technologies by START-IT Magazine

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), an IBM Premier Business Partner and a leader in enterprise solutions, announced today that its S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing has been selected by START-IT magazine for receipt of a Top 50 Technologies award. These awards recognize innovative technology products aimed at the manufacturing industry.

“Top 50 Technologies has identified 50 of the best products on the market to assist manufacturing companies in improving business practices,” said START-IT’s Editorial Director, Peggy Smedley. “VAI’s S2K for Manufacturing is a prime example of a company exhibiting an innovative spirit and a commitment to product excellence for today’s manufacturers.”

VAI provides a wide variety of mid-size manufacturing companies worldwide with a comprehensive enterprise software solution. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing can help manufacturers minimize costs and maximize profitability in a modern, easy to use, cost effective application.

Bob Vormittag, President and CEO, VAI, said, “VAI’s software products are designed to enhance a company’s efficiencies and increase its responsiveness. We understand that manufacturers face intense pressure from domestic and international competition and we are committed to providing quality enterprise solutions that deliver a real return on investment (ROI).”

Source :
Vormittag Associates, Inc.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics

The primary role of ERP software in today's business is to help streamline processes at an organizational level and lead to increased transparency overall and there are various ERP solutions that can offer this. But very few of them cater specifically to mid-sized and small organizations. Also, hardly any of them would have specific focus on a particular industry.

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics is a great offering as it is tailor-made for the Soft Goods Industry. Since the change needed organization-wise to successfully implement an ERP system has a great impact on the organizations' processes, and can cause great damage if improperly handled, it is imperative to rely on someone who has similar experience and singular commitment towards your industry.

Why is REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics your best solution?

• The "All-In-One Solution" for the Apparel/Fashion/ Home Furnishings/Leather industries

• Built on Microsoft Dynamics, the leading mid market ERP Solution globally

• Familiar Microsoft look and feel, making learning for new users easy

• Integration available with REACH suite of applications

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics will help you achieve the following:

Reduced cycle times

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics can be tailored to support the exact needs to reduce your cycle times. This can be done because of its powerful combination of out-of-the-box functionality and ease of customization. The solution has broad functionality that supports build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply chain models across both discrete and batch-process manufacturing modes. It is particularly well suited for manufacturers operating in a mixed-mode environment.

Integrated communication and collaboration

REACH ERP will help you effectively streamline and integrate customer service, design, sampling, merchandising, production, distribution and financial processes thus enabling optimal utilization of resources across the enterprise. You can synchronize internal communication as well as communication between upstream and downstream channel partners ensuring that the supply chain becomes more responsive, efficient and profitable.

Capitalize on global opportunities

Get ahead of your competitors by access to real-time integrated information. REACH ERP lets you have a global view of the business cutting across various functions and enables you to react fast to market change. It is designed so that new sites, languages, currencies, and local functionality can be enabled easily, helping your company take advantage of the global marketplace quickly.

Accurate estimation and waste reduction

End-to-end integration of company data ensures all parties have the latest, most accurate information. Aggregate production planning, routing and the most recent data help in precise estimation of inputs. This leads to cutting down on wastage, shortening time-to-market cycles for new collections and styles while accelerating your ROI.

Achieve world-class quality standards

REACH ERP on Microsoft Dynamics helps breed a culture of continuous quality improvement in products, processes, information and other enterprise functions. By effecting process control, it helps identify consistent problem areas and provides for easy recording of inline defects, thus producing a quality product commensurate with customers' expectations.

Source : REACH Sewn Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three NGC Customers Named Winners of Apparel All-Star Awards

NGC® (New Generation Computing®) today announced that three of its customers – Maggy London, Michael Stars and Russell Athletic – have been named winners of Apparel Magazine’s 2007 All-Star awards. Each year, Apparel Magazine honors ten outstanding apparel businesses based on their innovation, excellence in management, track record of growth, and corporate goodwill that reflects positively on the industry. The All-Star winners were selected by the editorial staff based on nominations from industry executives, and each will be profiled in the December issue of the magazine.

Apparel Magazine will formally recognize the winners during the opening session of Apparel’s 2007 Tech Conference today at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. The ceremony will also name the 2007 Grand All-Star, chosen from one of the ten winners.

Maggy London was selected for the award based on the overall growth and success of their various apparel brands, including Maggy London, London Times, Donna Morgan, Ali Ro, Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique, Muse and Shani. Maggy London is in the process of implementing NGC’s e-PLM software for product lifecycle management and this will further enhance their ability to grow in the future. “NGC has and will continue to help us become more efficient in our business processes. We are honored to be acknowledged for our hard work and achievement over the past year,” said Jerry Sholtz, Corporate Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration at Maggy London. Maggy London has also implemented NGC’s e-SPS® software for global sourcing and RedHorse® software for apparel ERP.

Michael Stars was selected for Apparel’s All-Star Award for its incredible growth, including expansion into retail, and its innovative and unique approach to style and sizing, among other things.

Russell Athletic was chosen as an All-Star for its emphasis on continually improving apparel performance and comfort, its aggressive branding initiatives targeted toward the youth market, and for the many ways in which it contributes to the community.

“NGC congratulates each of these deserving companies who have been recognized as the ‘best of the best’ in the apparel industry,” said Alan Brooks, president, NGC. “We appreciate their leadership and innovation, and it is an honor to be associated with them. We wish Maggy London, Michael Stars and Russell Athletic continued success in the coming months and years.”

New Generation Computing

NGC® is a leading Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Retail software company. NGC's SQL Series is a comprehensive suite of “end-to-end” solutions for PLM (e-PLM), Global Sourcing (e-SPS®) and ERP (RedHorse®). The SQL Series provides real-time visibility to product information, accelerates speed to market, and enables quality control throughout the supply chain to help deliver superior products. NGC has an extensive customer base of leading brands and retailers, including VF Corporation®, AX Armani Exchange®, Carter’s®, Casual Male Retail Group®, Maggy London, Hugo Boss®, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Vikki Vi, Isda & Co., Tristan & America®, Axis®, Wilson’s Leather®, and many others. NGC has offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, China, India, Mexico and El Salvador and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA). For more information, visit

Source :
New Generation Computing, Inc

NGC Celebrates 25 Years of Technology Innovation and Leadership in the Apparel Industry

NGC® (New Generation Computing®) today announced that it is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a technology leader for the Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Retail industries. Founded in 1982, NGC has grown to become one of the apparel industry’s most highly regarded software companies, with a track record of innovation, a customer base that includes many of the industry’s best-known brands and retailers, and offices around the world.

NGC is responsible for a number of “firsts” that have enabled apparel brands and retailers to transform their supply chain operations by gaining real-time visibility, improving speed to market and enhancing product quality. Recent accomplishments include:

• e-SPS® software, the first web-based, global sourcing application and one of the industry’s leading applications for global sourcing and visibility;

• The SQL Series, the first suite of web-based software to incorporate PLM, Global Sourcing and ERP into an apparel-specific, end-to-end solution; and

• The first English-to-Simplified Chinese Production Manager designed for use in Chinese factories.

From the beginning, NGC has pioneered many other innovations that have helped shape the modern apparel industry. These include the first apparel manufacturing and factory management software applications designed for PC technology, introduced in the company’s early years.

From a single location in 1982, NGC now has offices in New York, Los Angeles, China, India, Mexico, and El Salvador in addition to its Miami headquarters. An extensive background in the apparel industry separates NGC from its competitors; the executive team and senior management all had experience in the apparel industry prior to joining NGC. The company continually studies the marketplace and is passionate about developing and delivering technology solutions that help brands and retailers operate more efficiently.

“Over the past quarter century, NGC has continued to innovate and evolve, reflecting the fast-paced changes of the apparel industry,” said founder and president, Alan Brooks. “We’re thankful to our loyal customers, who include many of the ‘who’s who’ of apparel and retail. And we are fortunate to have a strong, cohesive team of professionals who are very knowledgeable about both apparel and technology.”

New Generation Computing
NGC® is a leading Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Retail software company. NGC's SQL Series is a comprehensive suite of “end-to-end” solutions for PLM (e-PLM), Global Sourcing (e-SPS®) and ERP (RedHorse®). The SQL Series provides real-time visibility to product information, accelerates speed to market, and enables quality control throughout the supply chain to help deliver superior products. NGC has an extensive customer base of leading brands and retailers, including VF Corporation®, AX Armani Exchange®, Carter’s®, Casual Male Retail Group®, Maggy London, Hugo Boss®, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Vikki Vi, Isda & Co., Tristan & America®, Axis®, Wilson’s Leather®, and many others. NGC has offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, China, India, Mexico and El Salvador and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA). For more information, visit

Leading Fashion Company, Zhejiang Yaying Garment, Completes Successful Lawson Software Implementation

Lawson Software today announced the successful implementation of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System for Zhejiang Yaying Garment Co. Ltd. (Yaying Garment), a Sino-Italian company specializing in fashion for women.

Yaying Garment designs, manufactures, and distributes women’s apparel in the People’s Republic of China under two brand names – Elegant Prosper and Elena Miro. Yaying Garment is a modern multi-branded business enterprise with 2,800 employees and an annual turnover exceeding RMB500 million. The company has plans to go global and will be exploring new markets in Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.

On a mission to enhance its operational system for internationalization, Yaying Garment selected the Lawson M3 Fashion solution after considering a number of domestic and foreign enterprise software providers. Yaying Garment required a system that can accommodate the demands of a diversified product range, low production volume per order, and the dynamic market trends inherent in the fashion industry. Other requirements included scalability, compatibility and advanced functionality of the enterprise software system for the company’s development in the long run.

The Lawson M3 Fashion solution supports enterprises on a full operation flow ranging from sales, marketing logistics, production, and finance through a platform with different applications that are fully integrated and highly compatible. The Lawson M3Fashion solution can be implemented by a fashion company as a full enterprise software solution, or it can be implemented using a modular approach that can help simplify integration with other applications already in use.

Lawson worked closely with the team from Yaying Garment for eight months and successfully implemented the Lawson solution, centralizing the management of different parts of its operating process such as production, planning, procurement, inventory, and financial management. The implementation team needed only to configure the workflow on the Lawson M3 system which helped keep the cost of implementation low and reduced risks.

“In the course of implementing the Lawson system, we moved away from transplanting the entire workflow from our daily operations, but focused on optimizing our workflow by considering carefully the actual circumstances that may affect the operations,” said Zhu Honggen, vice president and chief financial officer, Yaying Garment. “For example, in ensuring a smooth operation, the workflow structure we adopted for our Lawson M3 system is based on ‘persons-in-charge’ approach instead of the conventional way of functional divisions in the company.”

Through the Lawson M3 implementation, Yaying Garment established within the enterprise a highly efficient and visible supply chain, and a common work platform that saw the following operational improvements:

- Establishment of a standardized product database;
- Creation of a smooth and efficient workflow;
- Setting up of a fully integrated supply chain system; and
- Integration of financial research and analysis systems.

“With a true understanding of the global fashion industry and its best practices, Lawson is well poised to help garment enterprises execute their fast fashion strategies with greater simplicity,” said David Hope, regional marketing director for Lawson in Asia and Japan.

The implementation of the Lawson M3 Fashion solution helps foster the idea of modern business management within Yaying Garment, establishes a new mindset within the management team and helps the company establish leadership in the Chinese fashion industry. The Lawson M3 Fashion solution will help Yaying Garment establish a more efficient and effective cooperation with business partners and suppliers, and allows the company to provide a richer customer experience.

About Lawson Software

Lawson Software provides software and service solutions to 4,000 customers in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and service sector industries across 40 countries. Lawson’s solutions include Enterprise Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Enterprise Asset Management and industry-tailored applications. Lawson solutions assist customers in simplifying their businesses or organizations by helping them streamline processes, reduce costs and enhance business or operational performance. Lawson is headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., and has offices around the world. Visit Lawson online at

About Yaying Garment

Zhejiang Yaying Garment Co. Ltd. is a Sino-Italian joint venture engaged in the research and development, sales and marketing, information, logistics and production of women’s apparel under two flagship brands, Elegant Prosper and Elena Miro. The Company has an expanding network of over 300 outlets, adding 80 new shops per year. Yaying Garment is a member company of the Mirogolio S.P.A. group of Italy and Zhejiang Huazhiyi Investment Co. Ltd. For more information, please visit;

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aria Apparel Software Solutions Provider Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

This year marks Aria’s 15th Anniversary of providing state of the art technology solutions to the apparel and related industries. The span of time has seen four versions of our comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product suite and over 450 installations throughout the globe!

The new Aria 4XP is the latest in a line of end-to-end ERP products and an entirely new breed of ERP software designed from the ground up as a reliable and scalable enterprise solution.

In keeping true to its founding principle as a technology innovator, Aria introduced last year the Digital Order Form (DOF), a perfect solution for any organization that relies on a field sales force and requires an efficient yet simple sales automation tool. The DOF replaces the traditional paper order form, helps minimize errors, and speeds up the field sales cycle.

This year, Aria plans to release a new and improved Online Issue Reporting & Tracking system, a new Supply Chain Management (SCM) add-on to our ERP suite, and several more exciting enhancements to our flagship Aria 4XP product suite.

We look forward to another 15 years of successes for our company and our customers.

Source :
Aria Systems

Axon Infosoft India Pvt. Ltd - Apparel + ERP Software

Apparel + is a “Perfect Suite” that automates the entire operations of the garment manufacturing process with seamless integration at all levels and web enabled. Today, Apparel + is being used as a vital management tool in the manufacturing outlets of apparel (Knitted , Woven & leather). The product refinements are constantly carried out for the last 10 years and greatly fine tuned with generalized concepts and features to match the industry needs in total.

Apparel + is designed from the industry experts guidelines and it is scalable to small, medium and larger corporate's with multi company and multi user options. The product has all built in functions to cater to the mid sized and higher end markets with easy customizable options to fit in to their specific needs.

Apparel + has a unique MIS query which is totally web-enable with drilled down facility. This backtracking feature helps the top management to monitor the entire activities happening in their organization wherever they are over the web. Automatic alarming and messaging on enquiry follow up's, order summary, cost deviations, schedule with Time and Action calendar deviations, reminders on approval deadlines, quality definitions and control, payables and receivables alerts, Bill pass pending list, etc., are some of the unique features integrated to the software. The web enabled modules allows the management to view the Enquiry / Follow Up's/ Order details / Planning and Scheduling / Budgeting / Bill of Material / Purchase and Stock with Value / Process & Production status / Quality Approval & Inspection / Approvals status / Inventory Management / Despatch status from any part of the world and also has the facility to generate any specific in formations instantly.

Apparel + is developed using the latest state of art technology tools and ensures easy migration to any latest plate forms. Apparel industry normally has a distributed production and functional units with a considerable geographical distances, the application needs a tight integration approach and should be loaded with all key functionalities with easy migration options. Apparel + also supports Wide Area Networking to connect and synchronize the data between your offices and factories at multi locations.

Apparel + supports Digitization of the documents, International EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and bar coding integration at all levels.

Apparel + is designed to work as the way YOU look at your business. Apparel greatly improves customer satisfaction and credibility, with instant information flow on all their queries at any given time.


- Marketing (Pre Sales)
- Sales Order Processing (Post Sales)
- Planning & Scheduing (T & A)
- Purchases & Stores Management
- Raw Material Store
- Process Management
- Production & Floor Management
- Printing / Embroidery / Other Stages
- Sewing
- Checking /Ironing /Packing /Despatch
- Quality & Inspection
- Sales & Export Documentation
- Asset Management
- Personal Management
- Financial Accounting System
- Web Based MIS Query Reports
- House Keeping Set Up & Registration

Source :
Axon Infosoft India Pvt. Ltd

Monday, November 26, 2007

AIMS Expands With Web Tools, Services

Los Angeles-based software provider AIMS Technology Solutions Inc. is taking a step backward. Small- to mid-size apparel companies usually come to AIMS to handle sales and order processing. Now the company has expanded its product line to enable its clients to conduct transactions before the orders reach the accounting department. Having formed a partnership with Beverly Hills-based Focal Technology Inc., AIMS now offers transactional tools such as electronic shopping carts as well as Web development services at costs well below those of other third-party vendors.

The tools allow AIMS customers and others to conduct transaction through an e-commerce site or a B2b online showroom-type environment, allowing them to export the data into the AIMS system. AIMS handles the rest of the process, including processing ASN (advanced shipping notifications) and EDI transactions, bill of material, letters of credit, cutting tickets, factor assignment and inventory tracking.

The new applications are a missing piece of a puzzle AIMS has been working on. By providing a transactional platform, users can go paperless and even place orders at a trade show, provided there is a wireless environment.

The partnership also allows AIMS/Focal to help companies build their e-commerce and B2B Web presence from the ground up if needed.

In addition, Focal is a Microsoft gold-certified partner, which a title awarded only to the software giant’s top customers. This allows Focal/AIMS to participate in beta testing as well as expediting customer support. It also has allowed AIMS to stage events such as Microsoft’s’ “Truck Across America” demo in June, when a 42-foot mobile studio was brought to the Los Angeles Fashion District to promote AIMS’ and Focal’s products.

The shopping-cart technology gives users full administrative capabilities as well as a secure environment through SSL encryption and a Hack Resistant seal of approval, which is akin to anti-virus software.

“They can bring their Web or e-commerce environments into their shopping carts the same way you would change the background for your Windows environment. It’s easy,” explained Focal’s Shahin Kohan. The system also allows users to zoom in on product shots as well as incorporate features such as celebrity blogs, generate gift certificates and discounts, and employ marketing tools such as Google product searches.

AIMS can integrate with the popular accounting program QuickBooks so users can view invoices, purchase orders, payments and account histories without re-keying data or switching to a different program.

“We’re allowing the smaller companies to act like the giant companies, using the same type of system at a fraction of the cost. You can spend $25,000 for a shopping cart or get one from us for $175 a month,” said Kohan.

AIMS Chief Executive Officer Scott Chaban agreed. “We provide as much functionality as six-figure software. The behind-the-scenes technical experience that comes with this is phenomenal. Not to diminish our customer, but they’re getting a much better product than they even understand.”

The alliance with Focal Technology is one of several AIMS has made over the past couple years to augment its service offerings. It recently partnered with Continental Business Credit for factoring and Groupe BDM for remote order-entry services. For more information visit

Source :
AIMS - Apparel Information Management System