Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leading Fashion Company, Zhejiang Yaying Garment, Completes Successful Lawson Software Implementation

Lawson Software today announced the successful implementation of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System for Zhejiang Yaying Garment Co. Ltd. (Yaying Garment), a Sino-Italian company specializing in fashion for women.

Yaying Garment designs, manufactures, and distributes women’s apparel in the People’s Republic of China under two brand names – Elegant Prosper and Elena Miro. Yaying Garment is a modern multi-branded business enterprise with 2,800 employees and an annual turnover exceeding RMB500 million. The company has plans to go global and will be exploring new markets in Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe.

On a mission to enhance its operational system for internationalization, Yaying Garment selected the Lawson M3 Fashion solution after considering a number of domestic and foreign enterprise software providers. Yaying Garment required a system that can accommodate the demands of a diversified product range, low production volume per order, and the dynamic market trends inherent in the fashion industry. Other requirements included scalability, compatibility and advanced functionality of the enterprise software system for the company’s development in the long run.

The Lawson M3 Fashion solution supports enterprises on a full operation flow ranging from sales, marketing logistics, production, and finance through a platform with different applications that are fully integrated and highly compatible. The Lawson M3Fashion solution can be implemented by a fashion company as a full enterprise software solution, or it can be implemented using a modular approach that can help simplify integration with other applications already in use.

Lawson worked closely with the team from Yaying Garment for eight months and successfully implemented the Lawson solution, centralizing the management of different parts of its operating process such as production, planning, procurement, inventory, and financial management. The implementation team needed only to configure the workflow on the Lawson M3 system which helped keep the cost of implementation low and reduced risks.

“In the course of implementing the Lawson system, we moved away from transplanting the entire workflow from our daily operations, but focused on optimizing our workflow by considering carefully the actual circumstances that may affect the operations,” said Zhu Honggen, vice president and chief financial officer, Yaying Garment. “For example, in ensuring a smooth operation, the workflow structure we adopted for our Lawson M3 system is based on ‘persons-in-charge’ approach instead of the conventional way of functional divisions in the company.”

Through the Lawson M3 implementation, Yaying Garment established within the enterprise a highly efficient and visible supply chain, and a common work platform that saw the following operational improvements:

- Establishment of a standardized product database;
- Creation of a smooth and efficient workflow;
- Setting up of a fully integrated supply chain system; and
- Integration of financial research and analysis systems.

“With a true understanding of the global fashion industry and its best practices, Lawson is well poised to help garment enterprises execute their fast fashion strategies with greater simplicity,” said David Hope, regional marketing director for Lawson in Asia and Japan.

The implementation of the Lawson M3 Fashion solution helps foster the idea of modern business management within Yaying Garment, establishes a new mindset within the management team and helps the company establish leadership in the Chinese fashion industry. The Lawson M3 Fashion solution will help Yaying Garment establish a more efficient and effective cooperation with business partners and suppliers, and allows the company to provide a richer customer experience.

About Lawson Software

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About Yaying Garment

Zhejiang Yaying Garment Co. Ltd. is a Sino-Italian joint venture engaged in the research and development, sales and marketing, information, logistics and production of women’s apparel under two flagship brands, Elegant Prosper and Elena Miro. The Company has an expanding network of over 300 outlets, adding 80 new shops per year. Yaying Garment is a member company of the Mirogolio S.P.A. group of Italy and Zhejiang Huazhiyi Investment Co. Ltd. For more information, please visit;

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