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ERP Software Solutions

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software integrates all of your major business processes, which helps ensure consistent data across all your functional departments. ERP applications typically consist of modules such as Marketing and Sales, Field Service, Production, Inventory Control, Procurement, Distribution, Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting.

Their Compiere ERP business process model fully integrates ERP and CRM capabilities to help you effectively manage a wide range of functions across your enterprise. Compiere offers an effective blend of enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, partner relationship management, supply chain management, and online analysis processing. This gives you the ability to make qualified business decisions based on a seamless, 360-degree view of your business, customers and vendors.

Does my enterprise need an ERP software solution?

For years only large corporations have been able to enjoy the benefits of ERP applications. Now, Compiere ERP and CRM puts the power of timely and consistent communications within reach of small to medium-sized businesses by offering superior ERP software that is affordable, adaptable, and scalable.

Is your company burdened by multiple data sources that you can't integrate? Are you losing time and money by duplicating order entries and business processes throughout your enterprise? Are timely customer delivery and inventory stocking procedures getting to be more than your current system can handle? Do you have multiple warehouses that share resources or do you frequently do business in a multi-currency, multi-tax environment? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your enterprise may want to consider investing in Compiere ERP.

Can ERP software improve my company's business performance?

ERP solutions give you the ability to save time and money across your entire enterprise. With ERP software you need only input customer, vendor, and order data once and then share it across your functional departments. You can automate inventory and warehouse procedures as well as billing and accounting procedures. You can use ERP applications to create reports and analyze enterprise trends quickly and easily, allowing you to respond quickly to shifts in the market. Compiere also helps make e-commerce easy. The information in our Web Store is shared with the standard application, so no synchronization or extra integration work is required.

Will an ERP application fit the way I do business?

With traditional ERP solutions, this question was vital. ERP applications normally come with a built-in system of "Best Practices" whose restrictive rules limit your business processes. That is not the case with Compiere. Our ERP system was built to adapt to your business structure because we know that every company has unique needs. Compiere is not only easy to customize, we also make it easy to change your ERP implementation decisions at a later time. We know that every company grows and changes and we created software that can adapt with you.

Can ERP software help with my integration problems?

One of the reasons businesses look into an ERP installation is that their enterprise is experiencing difficulty in integrating the information they have stored in widely diverse applications that can't "talk" to one another. Organizations within a company may even use different programs to perform the same functions. When you install an ERP application you solve many of your information integration problems. Compiere ERP is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) software solution that combines the power of point of sales (POS), distribution and inventory, e-commerce, accounting, and workflow systems within one robust application. With an ERP system you have better data quality, since information need only be entered once to be available to the entire company. You are also able to easily run reports using enterprise-wide data, allowing you to quickly see trends developing within specific organizations or across your entire company. If you require industry specific software that requires integration with your ERP system you may wish to speak with one of our nearly 100 Compiere Partners worldwide for assistance.

Is a "single instance" of ERP better?

Although every business is unique, running only one instance of an ERP provides several advantages. When running a single instance of ERP, you save time and have better quality information across the company because you need only input that information once rather then multiple times. Running a single ERP instance also means all your financial data resides in one place which creates a simpler audit trail, eliminates consolidation errors, and saves time and money when closing your books. A single instance also allows you to run comprehensive company-wide reports that allow executives to share resources more easily across the company and see where cross-promotional opportunities may be in order. Single ERP instances are generally less expensive to support, and migration to the newest Compiere ERP release is quicker and easier, allowing you to take advantage of the latest features we have to offer in a timely manner.

Can I use ERP to manage a global enterprise?

Compiere ERP is an excellent solution for managing a global enterprise. Traditional ERP applications weren't developed for the complexities of the global market. Gaps in functionality arise when these features are simply layered on top of existing code. However, Compiere ERP was designed with global markets in mind, featuring multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-costing, multi-accounting and multi-organizational functionalities. Our accounting solutions cater to the needs of your enterprise, no matter what currency or schema you use. Compiere even provides the flexibility to account in one or more Accounting Schema in parallel.

Compiere's Rich and Reach interfaces allow users all over the world to connect with your ERP system, so geography is no barrier to your business. Plus Compiere ERP also features language packs and the ability to customize both the Web Store and the application itself to suit your language requirements.

About Compiere:

Compiere, Inc. delivers the most widely used open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution with more than 1.2 million software downloads.

The Compiere Difference: Easier and Affordable ERP

Compiere is changing the economics of business solutions by making Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) easier. Easier to acquire. Easier to implement. Easier to extend. Easier to change.

Typical business solution software vendors aren't focused on making their solutions easier, more adaptable or more affordable. Instead, they spend over 50 percent of their revenues convincing you to buy their products (sales and marketing) and less than 10% of revenues on innovation. This unbalanced business approach has lead to a consolidated software industry providing customers with fewer choices and even less innovation.

Compiere is taking a fresh and balanced approach to business solution software. We develop Compiere in the open and distribute it through open source licensing.

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Salt Lake City, Utah – Monday, August 27, 2007

KnowledgeBlue, a recognized leader in open source business applications, SaaS services, and the largest certified Compiere partner in North America announced today the availability of the openBLUE Payment Gateway Extension. The payment gateway solution captures credit card transactions, encrypts and routes them to 3rd party payment service providers (PSPs) and then returns either approval or decline notices. This solution provides merchants the ability to integrate payment processing within their Compiere and ERP / CRM systems with the premier payment providers. This is a seamless process where your customers do not directly interact with the payment gateway as data is forwarded to the gateway via your shopping cart (or the Compiere / openBLUE back-end instance) and a secure connection.