Friday, December 21, 2007

Abas ERP System -- Indispensable Part of Sunny Chemical

Abas Business Solutions (PRC) Ltd announced today that the Company's ABAS Trade software specialize for trading firm has been successfully implemented by Sunny Chemical (H.K.) Limited.

Founded in 1997, Sunny Chemical (H.K.) Ltd. is a trading firm with headquarter in Hong Kong and sales offices in 12 China cities. It runs many kinds of chemical products like paint, dope, plastic additives, etc.

In 2003, since the previous IT system couldn't meet the requirements of rapid business development. Sunny Chemical decided to upgrade it to ERP system. Mr. Avan Cheung, the General Manager, said, "We sell more than 1000 kinds of products in HK and Mainland China, and serve over 6000 enterprises. With our rapid development, our Supply Chain is becoming more and more complicated and forms a complex data management system." The previous system could only operate in one place and data couldn't be share immediately between offices. It requires more communication between offices and the decision-making information might not be known in time, which increased the operation risks.

Considering these situations, Sunny Chemical hoped the future ERP system could optimize Supply Chain procedures and achieved multi-area operation.

In 2005, having compared over 20 ERP vendors, Sunny Chemical decided to select German ABAS ERP software, which could meet its multi-area operation requirements. After 8 months' implement, Sunny Chemical ran ABAS Trade lively in May 2006.

Having run Abas ERP for 1.5 years, Sunny Chemical believes its choice is exactly right.

The successful multi-area ERP operation makes data immediately sharing between different offices become true. Nowadays, staffs in headquarter can track sales details, latest stocks level etc. at any moment, which efficiency decision-making progress. Before Abas Trade, it needed to assign staffs to communicate with each sale office to collect information for over 100 operation reports to business partners monthly. It was a waste of time and man power, and may also induce losses from human misplay and material delay. Now, all related material can be collected by system automatically. Central data process provides accurate and real-time operation reports, which improve work efficiency and quicken market response. During the past 1.5 years, ABAS Trade has really become one important part to help Sunny Chemical grow. Just as Mr. Avan Cheung said, "We appreciate the flexibility, persistence and stability of ABAS system very much. It's important for our daily running; it's an indispensable part and the backbone of company operation."

About Abas

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